The Best Tip for Becoming More Attractive To Tourists

Ever had tourists come into your store asking for Tax-Free shopping? Did you know that tax-free shopping can help increase your sales to tourists enormously? Many retailers are not aware that tax-free shopping for tourists can be a great tool to make shopping at their business more attractive and cheaper and increase sales without having to provide any discount.

So, what is Tax-Free Shopping, and how can it increase sales for tourists?

Tax-Free shopping is a scheme designed to stimulate economies by encouraging tourist spending. The idea is simple: visitors purchasing products which were taken out of the country unused, qualify for a VAT refund on those goods when they travel back home. The offer applies only to goods, not services.

The problem is that until now, the process of getting a refund was too complicated and time-consuming for both tourists and merchants.

The Solution

That’s where Refundit makes life easier, with a mobile app that cuts through the red tape and helps tourists get their VAT refund quickly and easily with no lines or paperwork. The app benefits both the retailer and tourist by revolutionizing this outdated, bureaucratic process.

What advantages does Refundit offer to store owners?

1) A constant discount

Imagine being able to entice tourists’ savings of 15% to 20% every day, all year round, without lowering your profits! Refundit allows every retailer to effortlessly offer tourists a substantial discount without losing a cent. By providing a hassle-free system that accepts receipts from every store, no matter how small or big, Refundit empowers all shops selling items that qualify for a VAT refund, such as clothing, accessories, electronics, toys, and souvenirs.

2) No paperwork or lines for both retailer and tourist

Stores also don’t need to do any paperwork, use special stamps or allocate personnel to guide tourists through the VAT refund process.  Refundit eliminates the lengthy, tedious paperwork and Customs stamps on receipts, and it’s easy to use. The tourist only needs to take a picture of the receipt in the store and upload it along with documents and information about their flights. There’s no need to explain how to fill out complicated forms or make sure they get the right kind of receipt that complies with outdated rules and regulations.

3) All stores participate

Until now, the VAT refund scheme was an exclusive club, designed primarily for either large chain or high-end retailers who got special permission from authorities to offer Tax-Free shopping. Refundit changes all that. Almost every store selling eligible products will be able to participate, thereby leveling the playing field for all retailers.

4) Tourists encouraged to buy more

All these advantages boil down to the most important factor – Refundit will increase tourist spending across the board. Visitors will have more money in their pockets and as Tax-Free Shopping spreads to all stores selling VAT refundable items, there will be increased customer traffic. It’s a win-win.