Your Sales

with Tax-Free Shopping

Offer non-EU customers a 100% digital VAT REFUND with No-hassle experience for you and for the tourist

download Refundit

Provide a regular receipt
with VAT info and full
details of the shop

We do
the rest

Our Tax-Free Shopping App benefits all

For Every Store

Refundit enables tax-free
shopping at all stores

No Implementation

Refund approved based on
regular receipt. No need for any
implementation or other resources

Zero hassle

Tourist submits claim using
the app — no need for forms,
stamps or paperwork

No Airport Lines

Bypass the Customs counter,
unless requested otherwise

Bigger Refunds

We offer the lowest fees - just 9%,
compared with other services
that can charge up to 60%

Safe & Reliable

We work with local
governments and secure
the safety of tourists'
personal data

How to Use Refundit

Tourist takes a photo of
the receipt at the store

Tourist claims refund and
gets confirmation via the app

Tourist’s money is on
its way


Tourist Should know

Even the refund is digital…

Refund methods at your choice:
Credit card / bank transfer / PayPal

Retailers & Tourists Love Refundit!

Refundit is 1st prize winner of the UN World Tourism Organization
global traveltech competition 2019