Your Sales

with Tax-Free Shopping

Offer tourists
year round

Now available in Belgium.
Coming soon to Slovakia and additional countries.

* Refundit surcharge will be applied

Working in
collaboration with

Working in collaboration with

Our Tax-Free Shopping App benefits all

For Every Store

Refundit enables tax-free
shopping for all stores

No Implementation

Refund approved based on
regular receipt. No need in any
implementation or other resources

Zero hassle

Tourist submits claim using
the app — no need for forms,
stamps or paperwork

No Airport Lines

Bypass Customs, unless
requested otherwise

Bigger Refunds

We offer the lowest fee just 9%,
compared with other services
that charge up to 60%

Safe & Reliable

We work with local
governments and secure
the safety of tourists'
personal data

How can YOU
help tourists get
their VAT refund?

tourists to
download Refundit

Provide a regular receipt
with VAT info and full
details of the shop

We do
the rest

How to Use Refundit

Tourist takes a photo of
the receipt at the store

He then claims refund and
gets confirmation via the app

Tourist’s money on its
way within 15 minutes!


Tourist Should know

  • Refunds are provided only to non-EU residents
  • Requests must be sent at least 8 hours before flight departing the EU, through Brussels airport
  • Online flight check in is mandatory
  • There is a minimum per receipt — €125 in Belgium, €100 in Slovakia
  • In some cases, tourist might be called to Customs counter prior to flight

Refund at your credit card
within 15 minutes from approval

Payment methods at your choice:
Credit card / bank account / Paypal

Retailers and Tourists Love Refundit!

Refundit is 1st prize winner of the UN World Tourism Organization
global traveltech competition 2019