How to shop tax-free in Belgium with Refundit ?

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When planning a trip to Belgium, you should think about how to stretch your shopping budget – and what better way than to pay less by receiving a VAT refund on your purchases?

That’s the whole idea behind Tax-Free Shopping. It allows tourists who don’t live in the EU to get the VAT they paid on goods, refunded to them when leaving the country. In Belgium’s case, the VAT rate is 21 percent on most items.

Many people don’t bother with the VAT refund process because it’s time consuming and complicated. Refundit solves this by getting rid of the long lines and paperwork with an easy-to-use app.

Unlike other providers, with Refundit, you can get a refund when shopping at any store which sells qualifying goods. To top it off, our refunds are bigger thanks to our low fee – only 9% – compared to between 30-60% charged by other VAT refund providers. 

And this is how you can get your refund quickly and easily:

First, there are a couple of things to remember.  You need to be a non-EU resident and flying out of the EU through Brussels airport to use Refundit. Also, VAT is refunded only on goods which are being taken out of the country unused. This includes, but is not limited to clothing & accessories, electronics, toys and more. Tax-free shopping does not apply to services and transportation.

This is how it works:

1Take a picture of the receipts while at the stores. The photo must be clear, and the receipts must have the following details: name & address of the store, the amount paid, VAT amount paid & an itemization of the goods purchased. Belgium has a minimum of €125 per receipt to qualify for a refund  (as of January 1st, 2020). 


2Submit your claim up to 5 hours before the flight. Upload your passport’s photo page and boarding pass. For that, you should Check-in online. 

A customs representative will review and approve your application online. In the unlikely event there are questions about your claim, you might be asked to stop by the customs counter at the airport. If that happens, please make sure you bring the merchandise with you unopened.


3Choose the payment method. You can get the refund within 15 minutes of the claim being approved if you choose the credit card option. You can also opt for a bank transfer or a credit to your Paypal account and receive your refund within up to 15 business days.


That’s it! You did it, and your money is on its way!

Feel free to contact our excellent customer support for any inquiries