Frequently Asked Questions

VAT, or value-added tax, is a tariff placed on most goods and services and is part of the price you see before you make a purchase. This is unlike a US sales tax when the amount is added at the register.

Non-EU residents leaving the EU up to 3 months after purchase are eligible for a VAT refund. VAT refunds apply to purchases of goods that leave the country unused., such as clothes, electronics, toys etc. Services such as hotels, transportation, tickets to attractions etc. do not qualify. The same goes for most foodstuffs.

Refundit is revolutionizing tax-free shopping for tourists and tax authorities!

Our mobile app makes tax-free shopping easy, efficient, and hassle-free. Refundit eliminates tax-free forms, shortens lines, and lowers VAT refund commissions!

Our cross-European management platform enables tax authorities’ online claims’ confirmation, big data analytics etc.

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We’re up and running in Belgium, providing services to travelers who have purchased goods in Belgium and are departing from Brussels Airport (Zaventem-BRU). We will be launching our services in additional European countries soon!

With Refundit, your VAT tax refund is just a few clicks away! 

You can shop in any store, from small local stores to global brands, and get your refund through our easy-to-use mobile app. All you need to do is upload your receipts and travel documents to the app!


  • You can just forget about:
  • Filling out long and confusing tax- free forms!
  • Visiting Customs counter at the airport and waiting in long lines! *
  • Exorbitant fees! Our handling fee is only 9% while other operators charge up to 60% of the refund!

* In some cases, you may be asked to visit Customs counter.

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Get your VAT refund in 3 easy steps: Shop at any store and collect receipts. Note that each receipt must total at least €125 as of January 1st, 2020 (in Belgium). Don’t ask for a tax-free form, and make sure your receipt is not stamped with a “Tax-Free” stamp.
  1. Upload all your receipts to the Refundit app at least 5 hours before your flight.
  2. After uploading all your receipts, upload your passport and electronic boarding pass, and wait for an email from us telling you what’s next! Be sure to follow app notifications, which include your online refund confirmation. In some cases, Customs may ask you to visit their counter at the airport to show receipts and purchased goods.
  3. After your claim is approved, select how you prefer to receive your refund. Credit card refunds can be processed in as little as 15 minutes upon approval. You can also choose to receive payment through a bank transfer or Paypal (up to 15 business days).

Probably not. In most cases, your refund request will be approved online in the Refundit app. However, in some cases, travelers may be asked to visit the Customs counter. In this case, you will get an email and an in-app notification. Don’t forget to approve in-app notifications! If you are asked to visit Customs, please mention you sent the claim through the Refundit app.

Please note, the decision to approve your request digitally or to ask you to come for inspection is solely in the hands of local Customs.

No. The European VAT refund scheme is for individuals, only for items that are carried out of the EU.

Yes. Refundit charges the lowest handling fee compared with other VAT refund operators. Our fee is constant and transparent – 9% of the refund – while other operators charge up to 60%.

No. Refundit offers a choice of three options to get your refund digitally:

  1. A refund to your credit card (Mastercard & VISA) – usually 15 minutes after your claim is approved!
  2. A transfer to your bank account
  3. A transfer to your PayPal account

Select your preferred payment method on your Refundit profile.

The refund is transferred digitally to your credit card (Mastercard & VISA), usually 15 minutes after the claim is approved. On other methods of payment – bank transfer to your account and PayPal, refunds are processed and transferred within 15 business days from the time the request is approved.


The method of payment at the store has no impact on the processing of your refund request.

  • You can calculate your refund in advance with Refundit’s VAT refund calculator, which specifies VAT rate and fees deducted in a transparent and easy-to-use approach. You can read more on our blog.

    Also, when using the app, you receive instant data about your refund. For instance, for purchase of €200, you will receive a €31.59 refund, after deduction of a €3.12 fees amount (9% of the refund amount, compared with up to 60% when using other operators)

No. Currently, to claim a VAT refund, an applicant must depart from Brussels Airport (Zaventem- BRU).


You should upload two boarding passes, one from Brussels airport to your EU destination and one from there to non-EU destination. In a case like this, you will get approval for items you packed in your checked bags only.


For now, we offer our services only for goods purchased in Belgium. Stay tuned as more countries are coming soon!

The standard rate for most goods is 21%, but there are also items that are charged 12% and 6% (chocolate and books).

If you were called for a Customs inspection, all you need to do is to visit the Customs desk at the airport and make sure to let them know that you’re a Refundit user. Remember, you need to visit the Customs desk BEFORE checking in your baggage for your flight. Don’t forget to bring your passport, boarding pass, the purchased goods, and all the original receipts. In Belgium: Refundit users that are called for inspection will go through only one check instead of two like you would with other companies! Customs (Douane) location: Departures hall office (3rd floor) is open between 07:00 to 21:30 Arrivals hall office (2nd floor) is open between 21:30 to 07:00 This office is to the left of the arrivals door. Travelers need to press the intercom button to gain access.
  1. Original receipts for purchases made in Belgium (no Tax-Free stamps are needed)
  2. A boarding pass for a flight to a non-EU country
  3. A valid passport


In most cases, no. To process a refund request, we need a valid passport.


A passport that has not expired, the picture is clear and intact, and all the information is fully legible.

No, with Refundit, you don’t need to have your passport when you shop Tax-Free!

Refundit works with any eligible receipt – NOT a Tax-Free form. The receipt must be comprehensive, and the picture clearly uploaded to the app.

Please note that a receipt should NOT be stamped from other Tax refund companies.

The receipt must have the following information:

Name of the store, store’s VAT number, date of purchase, quantity, and description of the items purchased, the total unit price, discounts, or price reductions.

REMEMBER: Receipts should not be stamped or altered in any way.


Refundit allows non-EU residents to claim a VAT refund for purchases made in Belgium – your passport provides proof of your identity, which can be cross-referenced for residence status.


Once you uploaded all of your receipts, press “submit” and then you will be instructed to upload your boarding pass.

Yes. You can issue the boarding pass 24 hours before your flight, depending on the airline’s policy

After clicking “submit”, you will not be able to add more receipts as your request will have already been sent for review by the Belgian Customs agents. 

Therefore, it is not possible to add more receipts. Make sure all receipts are uploaded before submitting your claim.

Refundit is fully GDPR compliant and is committed to ensuring your privacy by making all necessary arrangements to secure your data. Read more about our privacy policy: (

A VAT refund may only be claimed for goods that are taken out of the EU, carried in your personal luggage, and have not been used before leaving the country. Remember: tobacco products or services (e.g. hotels, transportation etc.) are NOT eligible for a VAT refund.

Definitely! With Refundit, you can shop at ANY store, as long as you have a valid receipt. You don’t need tax-free forms! Remember, receipts must not be stamped or altered in any way.

Yes! As long as the store you are purchasing the goods from is Belgian, and that you are taking the goods with you when you leave Belgium.

Not yet. All labels and price tags must be kept on the goods until you leave the EU.

Your questions and comments are always welcome. You can either email us to Call to +32.2.588.22.00 Or use our in-app online chat.