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Refundit is a travel-tech company with plans to revolutionize the process of tax-free shopping (VAT refunds) via a fully digital app-based solution, creating real value for tourists, retailers and authorities. 

With Refundit there are no forms to fill in, no paperwork, no waiting in line at customs, lower and transparent handling charges and faster refunds.

Winner of the 1st UNWTO travel-tech startup competition, Refundit was founded by Uri Levine (Waze, Moovit, Fairfly) and Ziv Tirosh (Stockton) and is backed by Amadeus IT, Portugal Ventures and additional investment funds.

With Refundit, your VAT tax refund is just a few clicks away! Shop in any store, from small local stores to global brands, and get your refund with our easy-to-use mobile app. All you need to do is upload pictures of your receipts and passport to the app!

No need to fill out long and confusing tax-free forms! No need to visit the customs counter at the airport and wait in line* No more exorbitant fees! Our handling fee is only 9% while other operators charge up to 60% of the refund!

*On rare occasions, Customs may request you visit the Customs counter.

VAT (Value-Added Tax) is a tariff placed on most goods and services and is part of the price you see on the price tag. This is different from GST or other sales taxes where the tax is often added at the register.

Non-EU residents leaving the EU by the end of the third month after the month of purchase, are eligible for a VAT refund.

VAT refunds apply to purchases of goods that leave the EU unused, such as clothes, electronics, toys etc.

Services such as hotels, transportation, tickets to attractions etc. do not qualify. The same goes for many foodstuffs.

All visitors that live outside the EU are entitled to a VAT refund on the goods they buy during their stay, which are taken out of the EU within 3 months following their month of purchase.

Note that EU nationals currently residing outside the EU are also eligible for a VAT refund, as the criteria is based on place of residence and not nationality.

VAT is only refundable on goods which are being purchased for personal use and not for resale. When you leave the European Union, you must be able to show that you are taking the goods with you in your personal baggage.

This means that anything which you have already started using, does not qualify for a refund.

Each country sets their own rules and regulations regarding items that are elligible for a VAT refund and any minimum spend requirments. Please check the FAQs in the specific country you are visiting for further information.

We currently operate in the Czech Republic and you can use our app in any store there.

Additional countries will be coming onboard very soon!

Eligibility for a VAT refund is subject to residency status.

If you are a non-EU resident, you are eligible for VAT refund.

Please keep in mind that you might be asked to show documentation proving your residency at customs. 

No. The European VAT refund scheme is only for individuals, and only for items that are taken out of the EU.

Yes! As long as the store you are purchasing the goods from is registered for tax purposes in one of the countries we operate in, and you are taking the goods out of the EU with you when you return home.

Not yet. All labels and price tags must be kept on the goods until you leave the EU.

Refund Process

No! Enjoy your shopping and forget about forms! We only need photos of your receipts.

Refundit’s VAT refund calculator (on our website and in the App) shows the amount of your refund and fees deducted. The calculator is easy to use and fully transparent.

Refundit charges only 9% of the value of the refund – which is the lowest handling fee when compared to other VAT refund operators that can charge up to 60%!

With Refundit you receive 91% of the value of your refund.

How you pay in the store has no impact on the refund process.

In most cases your refund request will be approved digitally in the app/kiosk.

However, in some cases, you may be asked to visit the Customs counter. In this case, you will get an email and an in-app notification (don’t forget to approve in-app notifications!)

If you are asked to visit Customs, remember to go BEFORE checking in the bags for your flight.

Please note, the decision to approve your request digitally or to ask you to come for inspection is solely in the hands of local Customs.

Refundit is 100% digital so we do not offer cash refunds. There are 3 options to receive your refund:

  • Credit card (Mastercard & Visa) – processed instantly after your claim is approved!
  • Bank transfer
  • PayPal account

Choose how you’d like to receive your refund in the ‘Payment Methods’ section in the app.

Once final customs approval is confirmed, the refund can be sent instantly to your credit card (MasterCard & VISA).

Bank transfers and PayPal refunds are processed within 15 business days.

Refundit in Czech Republic

According to Czech law, food and drink (including alcohol) and tobacco products are not elligible for a VAT refund.

The Czech minimum spend requirement is 2,001 CZK per receipt.

The standard rate for most goods is 21%, but there are also items that are charged 15% (books, pharmaceuticals, glasses) and 10% (baby food, medicines).

With some goods, VAT is non-refundable (food and alcohol, tobacco, weapons, fuel, vehicles)

Currently, to claim a VAT refund with Refundit, you must leave from one of the airports in the Czech Republic.

Currently, to claim a VAT refund with Refundit, you must leave from one of the airports in the Czech Republic.

Definitely! With Refundit, you can shop at ANY store, as long as you have a valid receipt. You don’t need tax-free forms!

Yes! As long as the store you are purchasing the goods from is located in the Czech Republic and they have a Czech VAT number which appears on the receipt.

For now, our service is only available for goods purchased in the Czech Republic. Stay tuned as more countries are added!

You can add as many receipts as you like throughout your trip and up to 1 hour before arriving at the airport.

Shop at any store and collect receipts. Note that according to Czech law, each receipt must total at least 2,001 CZK. Don’t ask for a tax-free form.

Upload all your receipts to the Refundit app at least 1 hour before arriving at the airport.

At the airport, scan the barcodes on your phone screen into an electronic customs kiosk.
In some cases, Customs may ask you to visit their counter at the airport to show receipts and purchased goods.

If kiosks are unavailable, a customs officer will scan the barcodes manually.

After your claim is approved*, select how you prefer to receive your refund and your money will be on its way!

* Final customs approval is usually received 4 hours after your flight departs

Refundit will create barcodes for each receipt.

When you get to the airport, go to one of the electronic Customs kiosks and follow the on-screen instructions. When asked, open the Refundit app and scan the barcodes into the kiosk.

In the App, you should upload clear photos of:

  • Original receipts for purchases made in the Czech Republic
  • Your passport photo page in order to confirm your identity

If you were called for Customs inspection, all you need to do is to visit the Customs desk at the airport. Make sure to let them know that you’re a Refundit user and show the customs officer any barcodes in the App.

Don’t forget to bring your passport, the purchased goods and all original receipts.

Required Documents

No. With Refundit, you don’t need to carry around your passport when you shop tax-free!

Your passport provides Refundit with proof of identity, to ensure that the refund being issued is going to the right person.

No. In order to process the refund request, a valid passport is required.

A passport that has not expired, the picture is clear and intact, and all the information is fully legible.

Refundit is fully GDPR compliant and is committed to ensuring your privacy by making all necessary arrangements to secure your data. Read more about our privacy policy: (

Refundit works with standard receipts – no need for Tax-Free forms or stamps!

The receipt must contain the following information: Store name, address and VAT number, Date of Purchase, Quantity and Description of items, Total unit price, any discounts or price reductions.


The decision to approve or reject a refund request is done at the sole discretion of the customs, and Refundit is not involved in this decision, nor can we know the specific reason for the rejection.

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