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Simple & Fast

Claim your refund in 3 easy steps

Take a photo of the
receipts at the stores

Claim refund and get confirmation via the App

Your money is on
its way to you
within 15 minutes!


Just make sure that

  • You are a non-EU resident and leaving to a non-EU destination through Brussels airport
  • You submit your refund request at least 8 hours before your flight
  • You check-in early for your flight — online
  • You submit receipts for goods purchased in Belgium. Minimum of €125 per receipt, as of January 1st, 2020
  • You are aware that In some cases, tax authorities may ask you to visit the customs counter prior to your flight

Refund at your credit card
within 15 minutes upon approval

Payment methods include:
Credit card / bank account / Paypal

We’re Different

& in a great way

No Forms

Submit VAT claim via
the App with no forms,
stamps or paperwork

No Lines

No need to go
through Customs,
unless requested

Bigger Refunds

We offer the lowest fee,
just 9% compared with
other providers that
charge up to 60%

At All Stores

Get your refund
at any store.
Not just large stores

Safe & Reliable

We work with local
governments and secure
the safety of Your
personal information

Find out how big your VAT refund is


Minimum amount per receipt will change to 125 as of January 1st, 2020, according to Belgian government regulation

  • in € - VAT in Belgium: 21%
  • in €
  • in €

To submit a refund claim download App

Refundit’s VAT refund calculator simulates the refund you will receive once submitting a claim through the Refundit App and obtaining Customs’ confirmation. However, the final calculation is the one you will receive through the app after your VAT refund request has been approved by the authorities.

Refunds are calculated based on each country’s VAT rate minus a 9% fee (whereas other refund operators might charge you up to 60% of the refund). Please note that the calculator reflects only the standard VAT rate. Certain goods might be subject to a lower VAT rate. We update VAT rates according to changes in countries’ regulations regularly.

Read more about how we calculate your VAT refund.

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Refundit is 1st prize winner of the UN World Tourism Organization
global traveltech competition 2019